GRAPHITAR®  carbon graphite materials from USG are widely used across a large cross section of industries. Commercial shipping, personal water craft, paper and pulp, electronics, metal processing, mining, heating, air conditioning and wallboard manufacturing are just some of the industries that need the unique qualities of carbon and graphite to meet specific design challenges.


Critical requirements for material characteristics needing wear resistance, extreme temperature variation, poor or no lubrication, non wetting capability, lightweight and chemical resistance can benefit from the versatility of carbon and graphite.

Components such as carbon seals, bearings, crucibles, heating elements, furnace furniture, sintering molds and glass formers are some of the products manufactured by USG.

USG can manufacture specific components using molded to size technology or can machine parts to close dimensional tolerances.
Our engineers are always available to discuss your specific design requirements and work with you to find the optimum solution of product performance and cost.