GRAPHITAR®  carbon and graphite materials produced and supplied by USG are the foundation of the company’s friction and wear business.
USG has for over 100 years been supplying innovative, technically capable mechanical carbon and graphite materials and products into diverse industries such as Aerospace, Nuclear, Petrochemical and industrial fluid handling. USG is dedicated to quality and service to our customers and we work constantly to provide novel cost effective solutions to Industry’s tribological challenges.


US Graphite can trace its history back to 1891, when the company was formed to utilise a Mexican deposit of natural graphite.

Following on from the natural qualities of graphite, USG  soon developed a range of materials to produce carbon brushes and then some years later, the current proprietary  “Graphitar” mechanical carbon/graphite and converted silicon carbide materials.

Now in its third century of incorporation, USG remains a privately held company and is proud to manufacture high quality engineered components from its 3 facilities in the USA, UK, and Mexico and to supply products and technology across the globe.