GRAPHITAR®  carbon bearings can be manufactured with as simple or complex design as suites the application. Plain sleeve bearings may be designed with or without lubrication grooves with axial or spiral configurations being common. Bearing tolerances are also a significant design consideration as regard to the impact into the manufacturing process.

GRAPHITAR’s porosity permits “self lubricated” bearing applications. This factor also permits the use of GRAPHITAR as an air bearing material where the ability to control the porosity is essential in high precision applications. Keeper plates and other mechanical accessories must be designed to provide evenly distributed support. Metal backed GRAPHITAR bearings are recommended for applications involving thermal or mechanical shock. GRAPHITAR is extremely resistant to rapid changes in temperature and, when combined with metal backing, tends to maintain a constant clearance as operating temperatures vary.


  • Automotive, aerospace, nuclear applications
  • High temperature non lubricated bearings for use in ovens, dryers, conveyors and turbines
  • Bearings for wallboard manufacturing plants
  • Submersible and down hole pumps
  • Corrosive environments
  • Thrust bearings
  • Segmented bearings
  • Porous bearings
All GRAPHITAR grades of carbon manufactured by US Graphite provide good bearing characteristics, but some grades are specifically associated with bearing applications. The following table represents typical grades for bearing applications.